UAV Systems Private Limited, incorporated in 2018 with a mission to bridge the gap in Drone Industry with quality in mind and one stop solutions, the dynamic firm based in India has been officially been recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).

The company specializes in the design and development of drones and robotics control systems and offers complete system integration solutions. The team at UAV Systems Private Limited is made up of highly skilled and passionate individuals who are committed to creating innovative and cutting-edge technology.


One Stop Solution

Our company offers a comprehensive range of services related to drones. We design, develop, and manufacture drones for various applications, such as aerial photography, surveying, inspection, and agriculture.

We also provide training and certification programs for drone operators, repair and maintenance services for drones, anti-drone solutions, and drone insurance services. Additionally, we offer customized cargo drone solutions for clients looking to transport goods and equipment over long distances. Our services are designed to ensure that our clients have reliable, versatile, and safe drones that meet their needs while providing peace of mind.


Our purpose at UAV Systems Private Limited is to lead the development and deployment of advanced drone and robotics technology in India. Through our expertise in AI and ML-powered systems, we aim to create innovative solutions for Smart Process Manufacturing, command and control, and sensor-based applications.

We are dedicated to building a comprehensive drone ecosystem and support infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for unmanned aerial vehicles in India.


Arab Khan

Founder & CEO

Arab Khan always had a vision and dreams of achieving great things, a school drop-out turned professional and successful entrepreneur, he began his career and gained a wealth of experience in diverse roles over time. He began his entrepreneurial journey developing Ed-Tech UAVs for engineering institutions, and gradually set his sights on conquering the world of UAV – Drones with UAV Systems Private Limited offering a one stop solution.

Prashant has an outstanding academic background, having obtained multiple qualifications from some of the world’s top universities. Over the course of his 25-year career, Prashant has held several key positions in various Central Government Departments in India. Prashant first ventured into Sapio Analytics  as a co-founder. Later, he entered the EV manufacturing business REM Ltd. Prashant Nikam’s passion for entrepreneurship led him to take the reins at UAV Systems Pvt. Ltd., where his extensive experience is proving to be a major asset to the organisation.

Prashant Nikam

Founder & Chairman

Colonel ‘Dato’ Ajay Ahlawata

Founder & Strategic Advisor

Col. Ajay Ahlawat has served the Indian National Army for over 24 years and retired at the age of 41 as “Col. ‘Dato’ Ahlawat”. After retiring from the Army, he ventured into the business world and founded the Conglomerate Rissala Group. His enterprising nature has led him to venture into UAV Systems Private Limited, where he is the Founder and Strategic Advisor. With his years of experience and a combination of enterprising, inquisitive, and innovative qualities, Col. Ajay Ahlawat’s strategic guidance and mentorship are invaluable to the success of UAV Systems Private Limited.

"Team Members"

Shravaree Tryambake

Chief Legal Advisor
LLM - University College London
LLM - Queen Mary University of London
LLB - Essex University

JC Robert Del Haye

Head International Relations Founder/Chairman Drone Think Do - Belgium

Vice Admirals Ronaldo Veri -(Veteran)

International Defence Advisor Ex-Italian Navy chief. Office of the National Armaments Director Cabinet of the Chief of Défense

Surendra Nath Srivastava

L.L.B: Kanpur University, U.P., India B.E: University of Roorkee, Roorkee, India

Vikram Singh

Head Business Development Europe

Ivan Toung

Head Business Development Sout east asia

Jimi Mcmahon

Integrated Air Missile and Defense Senior Advisor Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice with emphasis on Homeland Security Saint Leo University

"Team Members"

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