Drone Taxi


Parallel Flight Technologies’ Firefly aircraft is a radical UAS combining extreme heavy lifting and long flight duration. Proprietary Parallel Hybrid Electric Multirotor (PHEM) drone technology gives the platform the capability of lifting its own mass in payload, not including fuel, for over two hours.
It is also fully redundant and can continue flying in the event of an engine failure. This opens new possibilities for unstaffed logistics, search-and-rescue, firefighting, and heavy sensor applications.


Continuous Power – 28kW (38hp)
Propellers – 102cm (40”)
Battery – 60V, 5000 mAhPayload refers to useful load carried and does not include fuel.
All specs are subject to change.

OEM + Services

DAAS - Servicing various verticals with key focuses on industrial logistics, firefighting, and healthcare


Service plans sold with each aircraft to keep systems current

Operator Training

Complete training courses sold with each aircraft


Sold for initial platform customisation

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